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Another classic nostalgia trip through the Cook-verse, Steve, but on an especially sad occasion. Like Kirby, I came to appreciate John Romita Sr.'s work when I was in my late teens, when I began to look past the surface flash of artists (I won't name them) to the bones of the work below – the impeccable, unforced craftsmanship, draughtsmanship (apologies for the non-gender-neutral terminology) and storytelling.

And he was, in the truest sense and as many have remarked, a genuine gentleman. In the mid-1990s, long-time friend and colleague Richard Ashford (then a Marvel editor) spent a fascinating and lovely afternoon with John and his wife Virginia interviewing the legend for the Art of John Romita (pub. 1996). A day to treasure.

Sometimes it's great to meet your idols! Cheers for sharing your memories.

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