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Used to pick up Alan Class comics as a child on family holiday at Butlins, didn’t know until reading this they were Alan Class comics!? Knew they were reprints but starved of regular American comics they were a good holiday read - especially the sometimes disturbing horror stories.

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Used to do exactly the same on foreign hols. I actually have the same copy with Rhino of L'Uomo Ragno. As you suggest, it was a bit of a waste of bloody time really, but that was being a Marvel fan for you. FOOM's the only club I've ever joined.

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yes. these are utterly thrilling. I remember stopping in my tracks while en route to see Masaccio frescos on my first trip to Florence.

in a thrift store: a pile of L’Uomo Ragno and Capitan America among others I still pore over to this day. (eventually made it to the early Italian painters too of course)

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I do the same! My favourite is a Spanish paperback format collection of Kirby's Captain America, collecting issues 206 - 213 in black-and-white. The repro was really good too.

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