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The other day I remembered the sheer horror of a nosebleed on my one and only Spider-Man t-shirt, and the possibility that the stain may never come out in the wash. This would have been sometime in 1969, and it got me thinking… will I ever recall that incident again, or will it eventually dissipate from the archive of random incidents stored in my brain cells?

Do I need to remember it? Probably not; but I’ve decided that it’s here to stay now, because this is the place I’m going to write things down.

Hopefully they’ll be more interesting than that!

I’ve also added an online archive of photos I’ve taken from 1969 ‘til now.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph some interesting subjects over time, so I’m going to add some context to some of my shots on here.

Thanks for dropping by!


* Opinions are my own and not the views of any of my employers, past, present or in adjacent universes.

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